Female Human Pets

Female Pets

They are superior in attitude and demeanour, for even amongst the Kurii they hold a special place, and they serve the superior race to humans. However.... In an instance where a pet is separated from her Lord, she will seek out the most powerful male, and attempt to align herself with him, guarding her position, if any.

The role of the pet is the most sought-after female role in Kurii roleplay. It permits a female to still be human, in a submissive state, to a male. Further, a pet enjoys a wider freedom of role than a slave would. A pet, in Kurii culture is nothing like a slave. A Kur would take a human female for the purposes of service and grooming, and own them as they would an earth cat or dog. Their perspective on this human female would be very similar. Because they are owned by an alien culture, the customs and values of Gorean culture would mean nothing to them. They would not kneel, for instance, nor do they see men as Masters. They are singular in their place, as a Kur would not have a chain of females. Because the place of a pet is tenuous, she guards her position fiercely and viciously, attacking any female that might attempt to serve her Lord (much to his amusement).
The pet is very fond of her collar, and what it means in terms of her status. She sees herself as superior - indeed, her exposure to other humans has been limited, and those to whom she is exposed are the tools of the Kurii, weak, controlled. She, on the other hand, is a pet, to be walked with pride by her Owner, unmistakably different from the herd humans and servants of the Kurii. She belongs to one Kur and serves only him.
In SL Gor roleplay the role of the pet has to be LOGICALLY expanded. After all, if a pet comes down with the ship from the steel worlds, of course she is unspeeched, understands no Gorean, has no notion of Gorean culture and will act the feral pet. We have these; they are the authentic steel worlds pets. However.... Having crashed, from where do clan members draw new pets? Obviously the answer lies in the simplicity of the Gorean females, and occasionally in the captured Earth females. In these cases, these pets *would* be speeched, and can learn Kurii, offering a duality in understanding. (as always, no human EVER speaks Kur.) The Gorean and Earth pets would have an understanding of culture, are capable of carrying out simple trade negotiations for such things as food, and some (like the Blood's pet) can support the clan through simple translation, mitigating the need for translators in cases where the Kurii clan members wish to keep the majority of conversation private and not be bothered with the turning off and on of translators.
Of course, being a creature that lives in a cave with steel worlds pets and savage warriors, a Gorean or Earth female must adapt, and swiftly, if she is to maintain her place, or even survive. They will develop the skills of savagery or die. They will use claws and teeth to defend their place at their Kur's side, or to find a place at one. They learn to eat the dregs of a meal from the teeth of their Owner, to consume the insects roaming his or her body, and perform the grooming and offer total obedience.
There are Kurpies abounding in Gor. Slaves wander the lands, begging to be capped and made into pets. But a pet is an entirely different creature to a slave. There are females who are willing to put the time in, get trained, show that they are loyal and dedicated... these females are the clan pets. We take those who are willing to put the effort in FIRST, and train them. YOU as a clever Lord or Mistress - please look to the clan pets for a possible pet of your own. 
Roleplay has been adapted to include clan pets, that they may learn the roles and offer a superior level of skill to a Kur Lord. As well, they fulfil a vital role in the clan structure. If one were to imagine a steel worlds ship crashed on Gor, one must imagine that the processes and "inner-workings" of the ship have been disrupted. These, of course, are not touched on, but with common sense one would assume are in place. Clan pets, therefore, offer service to visitors, can assist in trade and raiding (binding), and roleplay the appropriate services that would otherwise be carelessly omitted (cooking, cleaning and the like).
You can assess their skills easily, and see who is on when you are. Captives are much dodgier. Timing - both in time of day and amount of time of roleplay can add challenge to a pet-Owner relationship. There have often been pets left for weeks without a present Owner, or Owners left with absentee pets (often leading to the dreaded "Chain" syndrome). It's not fair roleplay. If you are thinking of a pet but aren't sure, we can make her a clan pet and teach her what she needs to know while you determine if there is a fit. Good fits last a long time!
Quotes to help describe this role:
She was hitherto from one of the Steel Worlds, one of the animals kept there, she for the purpose of grooming her master. The tiny fingers and nibbling teeth of such females are well fitted for this task. p 45  Kur of Gor
You might suppose that we could have easily solved this problem, how she came into the keeping of Priest-Kings, by simply asking her, but that would be incorrect, for she, as a typical Kur human, had never been taught to speak. Would you, for example, teach a dog, or pig, to speak? That they can be trained for simple tasks is more than enough. p 46  Kur of Gor
She had been, after all, the grooming pet of a Kur master, and held herself, accordingly, superior to others of her species. Certainly she had not been bred, nor did she wish to be. She was special, in her way. She knew her name in Kur and could respond to certain commands in Kur. She could not speak it, of course, as her vocal apparatus was unsuited to the formation of its phonemes. As the pet of a Kur she had an unusual status amongst the few humans in the Steel Worlds. Doubtless she was somewhat aware of her effect on males, and was not disinclined to take pleasure in their discomfiture. She was a vain little thing, not unaware of her charms, and the pleasures of utilizing them to taunt and frustrate weak and helpless males, from whom she had nothing to fear. On the Steel Worlds she would have had the protection of her collar, which was wide and locked on her neck. It identified her master in Kur, and gave her much standing amongst those of her species. It was not a slave collar, of course, as she was not a slave, but merely an animal. It served much
the same purpose as might a collar on, say, a dog on Earth. She was an animal, of course, but a very clever animal, a sly, cunning, vain, shapely, little animal. pp 48-49  Kur of Gor
The female from the Steel Worlds may have seldom seen another human female, unless perhaps to drive her away from the vicinity of her master, with hissing, and teeth and nails, lest she should attempt to groom him. p 51-52  Kur of Gor
Her master had had her nails clipped and filed, but even so, even had they not been, they were poor weapons, certainly compared to the claws and fangs of the masters. There could be no doubt as to the relationships involved, nor as to the rankings of species, nor as to her own nature, and the appropriateness of it, that of a harmless, caressable pet. But surely not harmless to such as herself. She could scratch and bite, and hiss, and she had, more than once, to the amusement of her master, driven
other females, bloodied and shrieking, from his vicinity. pp 55-56  Kur of Gor
If the male were a Kur, she would groom him, smoothing and licking his fur, and searching for insects. Sometimes her master permitted her to wipe and dry his teeth with her hair, in which activity she could scavenge for meat particles. Too, not unoften he permitted her to clean his nails and claws with her tongue. These were largely hygienic pursuits. Little of a symbolic nature was involved here. She was simply a docile pet serving her master. p. 57  Kur of Gor
And the English girl, aside from her confusion and consternation at finding herself as she was, unclothed, not even a thread upon her body, inexplicably confined in the small, narrow, glassine, ovoid container, within an arm's reach of a similarly confined male, would be only too aware not only of the presence of the male but of the other female, as well, who was startlingly young, beautiful, and desirable.  Too, there was something about the other female that seemed somehow incomprehensibly different from the women with which she was familiar. There was something somehow animallike about her. She seemed untutoredly, rawly, primitively, radically female. Never had she encountered such a female. How could she, as a civilized creature, even stripped, compare with such a sensuous little beast? In her presence, she was acutely sensitive of her own deficiencies, her deficiencies as a female animal, one reduced to its biological essentials. p. 58 Kur of Gor
The first thing the little beast did was flare her nostrils, perhaps trying to catch the scent of her master. Then, gingerly, slipping, putting her hands out, she examined the peculiar barrier through which she could see, but could not pass. She examined, and took the scent of, the male confined with her. He was much larger, and somehow much different, it seemed, from the few males of her species with which she was familiar. He was quite different, of course, from her master. In her blood there were stirrings with which she was unfamiliar. Her lip wrinkled, and a canine was visible, as she inspected the other female in the container. A slight, tiny hiss of displeasure escaped from betwixt her well-formed lips. p. 61 Kur of Gor
She put her hands to her throat, feeling for her collar, but it was not there. This puzzled her, for her master had always kept it on her. It had had a ring on it, to which he sometimes attached a leash, when he walked her. She was very proud to be walked by her master, and she did not wish to be confused with others of her species, inferior sorts, whom she despised, strays, scavengers, and such. In particular she would not wish to be confused with the cattle, crowded and fattened in their pens, for she knew they were eaten. It made her uneasy to be without the collar. Indeed, she was afraid.  p. 62 Kur of Gor
Her master had had only one pet, her. Hopefully she still belonged to him. Certainly, too, she would not wish to share her importance and status with another pet. She looked angrily at the other female. She, too, of course, must be a pet. What else, as she was, could she be? She did know there were other pets. That must be one of them. She resented the other female, and feared her, and what she might mean. She snarled, softly. p. 62 Kur of Gor
She was certain then she must ingratiate herself with him, and appease him, and certainly so with the other female in the container. She could not drive her off, of course, given the peculiar enclosure in which she found herself, but she could certainly warn her off, and, hopefully, so terrify or intimidate her that she would not dare to offer the least challenge to her priority. The male was to be hers; the
other must not be permitted to intrude; accordingly, she must, in one way or another, be eliminated, physically or psychologically, or both, as a possible competitor or rival. The female from the Steel Worlds regarded the other female. She did not think it would be hard to teach her terror, and her place. If the male were a Kur, she would groom him, smoothing and licking his fur, and searching for insects. Sometimes her master permitted her to wipe and dry his teeth with her hair, in which activity she could scavenge for meat particles. Too, not unoften he permitted her to clean his nails and claws with her tongue. These were largely hygienic pursuits. Little of a symbolic nature was involved here. She was simply a docile pet serving her master.  p. 65-66 Kur of Gor
He shook her head, good-naturedly, and she put her head gently against him. She had done this often with her master. Then, looking at him, timidly, she licked his knee. p. 113 Kur of Gor
Tarl Cabot did not withdraw his hand, but he looked at her, closely. Slaves sometimes try to call themselves so to the attention of their master. It was a slave's gesture, a slave's act. Cabot wondered if she knew what she was doing. It is erotic, of course, to feel that soft tongue in the palm of one's hand. It, too, this gesture or act, is often used not simply as a device of placation, but as a way of petitioning to be caressed. p. 117  Kur of Gor
The large Kur who had opened the container then turned about. He uttered a Kur sound, and the blonde stood absolutely still, as if frozen in place. She whimpered, and tears ran down her cheeks. But she did not move. She understands him, thought Cabot. She is under
discipline! The Kur then uttered another sound, and she fled to him, and, to Cabot's amazement, leaped into his arms. She then crawled happily to his shoulder and began to nibble and bite at his fur. He stroked her with a paw, gently....He regarded her, she contented, elated, on the shoulder of the beast, her master. She, with all her beauty, he thought, is a Kur pet! She would sell well on Gor, he thought. But here she is only the curvaceous, sleek little pet of a Kur! p. 132  Kur of Gor
Some humans, incidentally, can make out carefully spoken Kur, but they are unable to reproduce the sounds. Some Kurii, on the other hand, can not only follow carefully spoken Gorean, but are able, in a rough, guttural, rather frightening fashion, to produce a facsimile of, or a form of, Gorean. p 143  Kur of Gor